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The Real "Secrets" of Training Success

by Bradley J. Steiner

From Hardgainer #78 - May/June 02'

No two individuals possess identical genetics or identical physical potential for strength and muscular development. However, the one greatest EASY gainer in the world, and the one most conspicuously HARD gainer in the world both share this . . .

To whatever extent they are able to actualize whatever potential they possess, they can only do so by applying the "sacred rules" that everyone who successfully maximized and actualized his potential had to follow: DISCIPLINE, CONCENTRATION and HARD WORK.

Isn't that fascinating? It's so simple, really -- and yet in application it can prove to be one of the hardest things a man ever does for himself. It's so easy to say those few words, "discipline, concentration and hard work," and it's even easier to acknowledge and agree with their importance -- indeed, with their INDISPENSABILITY -- yet, alas, it so often proves for many people just too much to actually DO. Where do you stand?

If you're like most who desire strength and a great physique, you doubtless are attracted to the books and articles by "experts" in which routine, program, course and special diet galore, abound. You're SEARCHING. You really do want the scoop. You're after the LoWDOWN, the "inside" information utilized by those who've succeeded in developing themselves. One month you read this, and the next month, that. You hear so much conflicting information and receive so much advice -- some good, some bad, some downright stupid or insane -- that you're confused and you simply can't decide WHAT to do or HOW IN BLAZES TO DO IT.

What you do not generally hear enough of, however, is the TRUTH. Few people frankly let you know that there are few real "secrets" to bodybuilding, and they are "secrets" not because they are so difficult to discover, or because they have been utilized by so few -- but rather because they are so SIMPLE, and so readily grasped, and so, let's say, PAINFULLY NECESSARY, that mainstream muscle publications don't like giving them much fanfare. Once they do, they are in the stickily-unpleasant position of, in effect, DISCREDITING just about 95% of whatever else they've been touting!

So the racket's safe. And it is a racket. The formula is to keep everyone thinking that bodybuilding is some kind of mysterious activity in which only a few privileged individuals are able to make it. Then, keep courses, articles, books and training seminars coming periodically, using the identical SCAM each time to pull the hopeful in: "Now it's available! The real secret of how [so-and-so] developed his amazing strength and matchless muscles! HERE'S THE ROUTINE YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! . . ."

Sure, it's nonsense.

The top physique and strength stars are physical oddities; they are incredibly blessed and hereditarily superior individuals whose genetics happen to be perfect for muscle and might and who've pushed their genetic potential for all its worth. However, there's no routine or course or dietary "miracle" that can turn an average or below-average gainer into what the hereditary "naturals" are.

The REAL SECRET is that if you -- or if ANYONE, really -- will apply the principles of application to good, sensible and basic barbell work, you too can actualize YOUR potential, and you'll be able to acquire the maximum degree of muscular development and physical power that your personal genetics will allow. YOU may become as close to the top physique and strength stars as YOUR personal hereditary potential permits. It will take sensible, basic, progressive barbell-dumbbell work, but most importantly it will require that you DO this "sensible, basic, progressive barbell-dumbbell work" with unfailing . . .


Switching, modifying, changing, discarding, adopting and otherwise endlessly altering your training approach is a GUARANTEE of ultimate failure. How could it be otherwise? How on earth can you hope to build your body without SETTLING DOWN TO THE TASK OF BUILDING IT? That's what it requires. And once you set up a good, basic all-round training schedule, only the DISCIPLINED, CONCENTRATED, HARD WORK that overloads the muscles and forces them to GROW, will make the routine you've selected yield the gains that you desire.

In every issue of HARDGAINER you'll find recommended schedules, training programs and approaches to routine arrangement that WORK. But the question is: Will you work? And will you do so hard enough and long enough to get that which you're after?

You need the Big Three?


I would say that "discipline" means doing that which you understand needs to be done, i.e., that which is required, and doing it WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAPPEN TO "FEEL" LIKE DOING IT.

It also means doing it AS OPPOSED TO DOING SOMETHING ELSE. It means STOPPING doing something else, and setting yourself to the task of GETTING DONE THAT WHICH YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO DO.

It's so easy to define! If I have you squirming a little in your seat, that's my point, friend. YOU KNOW THAT YOU OFTEN NEGLECT SIMPLY DOING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, DON'T YOU? Well, that's why it doesn't get done.

Workouts, once planned, must be performed. Knowing that you've set up a schedule of training that will give you the development you desire, is great. But then you have to DO it. And you must KEEP ON DOING IT. And THAT takes discipline. And that -- not knowing what routine or program to follow -- is the HARD part! How do you develop greater discipline? You're not going to like this, but since you ask: JUST FORCE YOURSELF TO DO IT, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!

"Really?" you ask. "That's it? That's the method for becoming better disciplined?"

Yes, that's it.

Do you want to be strong and well-built? If the answer is yes, then you just have to put your nose to the grindstone -- whether you feel like it or not -- and DO WHAT IT REQUIRES TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL!

Those who do this are DISCIPLINED PEOPLE. And generally they are also successful people.


I hate (hate, hate, HATE!) the popular, trendy, modern yuppie term MULTITASKING. In better times it was recognized as being "scattered," "unfocused," "without definite purpose," "frivolous," and a few other undesirable things. Today this damned affliction is regarded as a personal STRATEGY! Ugghh.

Well, attempting to spread your focus thinly is a strategy, in a sense; it's a strategy for FAILURE.

Success, in anything, is the result of fierce concentration. Liken it to LIGHT. When dispersed generally, light blandly brightens a room. But CONCENTRATE IT, and you get a LASER that can burn through metal Take a workout and let your thoughts drift to the series of exercises that you have to do that day -- or to what you're going to be doing after your workout -- instead of concentrating upon THAT SPECIFIC EXERCISE THAT YOU'RE WORKING ON NOW, and you'll get marginal results. Approach every individual exercise you do -- each set, each rep -- as a world unto itself, requiring of you the absolute LIMITS of your concentration and mental-physical attention, and you'll derive optimal benefits from it.



The misconception exists that, once the "right" program and the "best" diet have been discovered, training and progress become EASY. Hah! In point of fact, barbell physical training is useless when it's done in a way that makes its performance easy. Training is always HARD, if it's effective at all. There's no easy way to build muscles. Excruciating effort, great fatigue, and sometimes even an injury or two, must be accepted as part of the price to be paid for the results that are desired.

Training may become, as it has for me, extremely enjoyable. But it's not "easy." There may be something in life that's effortless yet extremely enjoyable, but it isn't bodybuilding, physical training and weight lifting! Please trust me on this. If you're not working out HARD, then I would say that you're probably wasting your training time, at least insofar as it's ever likely to produce significant muscle and strength gains.

Over the decades I've had the great pleasure and satisfaction of teaching thousands of people how to build their bodies. Most of them have come to regard that task -- as I have -- as being very enjoyable and extremely rewarding, almost beyond description. The hard work is truly a pleasure -- a labor of love, if you will. But even those who, rarely, have never come to enjoy their workouts, have accepted that the only road to hard muscles is hard work. And so they just do it. Their DISCIPLINE and their CONCENTRATION assists them in their ongoing HARD work.

Whoever you are, and whatever potential, great or modest, that you possess for developing strength and muscles, you'll need the three great principles of training in order to actualize yourself: DISCIPLINE, CONCENTRATION and HARD WORK. There's nothing magical, unusual or special about those ingredients . . . it only SEEMS like there is, for those who are wise enough to apply them!

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